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Constant DullAART

Constant Dullaart‘s practice reflects on the broad cultural and social effects of communication through participatory mass media, and image processing technologies, from performatively distributing artificial social capital on social media to completing a staff-pick Kickstarter campaign for a hardware start-up called Dulltech™. His work includes websites, poetry, performances, custom routers, installations, startups, armies, photo effects, co-working concepts and manipulated found images and objects, frequently juxtaposing or consolidating technically dichotomized presentation realms, offline and online. Dullaart has shown in, and curated several (institutional) exhibitions internationally and lectured at universities and academies throughout Europe and the United States, most currently at the Werkplaats Typografie (NL).

Featured Works

Jennifer in Paradise, Liquify, Den Hallen, 2015 (1)

DullTech™_Neolibral Luz, Installation View, Carroll Fletcher, 2016 (11)