Other Projects.

9×9, Developed in 2016.
Rememberum, Founded in 2013.
Recite, Founded in 2012.
Mousegrab, Developed in 2012.
Vizualize Me, Cofounded in 2011.

As seen on: AdWeek, American Library Association, Business Insider, Creative Review, Design Taxi, Engadget, Fast Company, Forbes, Lifehacker, Mashable, PopSugar, TechCrunch, The Next Web.


9×9, 2016

A commentary on the decreasing size of digital interfaces, 9×9 explores the minimum legible size of a website. Featuring 9 popular websites in 9×9 pixels, the project advocates for the simplification of product design in the mobile age.


Rememberum, 2013

Rememberum empowers people to seamlessly create permanent online memorials to celebrate their loved ones.

This Steve Jobs tribute, designed + developed to mimic the original Mac OS, was released on the anniversary of his passing as a promotional campaign for the company.


Recite, 2012

Initially developed as a promotional product for Piccsy as a response to quotes being its most popular category, Recite is a web app that dynamically generates beautiful typographic posters using any text a user inputs.

Mousegrab, 2012

A commentary on the ubiquity of cat images online, Mousegrab dynamically generates a cat paw to grab your mouse wherever you place it on the screen.

Vizualize Me, 2011

An innovative tool that turns your LinkedIn resume into a dynamic infographic with the click of a button.


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