Mijlo, Founded in 2014.

A Dutch-founded collective with a straightforward goal: to help everyone live simple and live well with a collection of well-designed, quality goods.

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Ordinary and Intriguing

With a set of deeply held brand values rooted in simplicity, Mijlo seeks clarity in the contradictory.



Simple Solutions for Small Spaces

Each product is curated for its ability to fulfill a specific need for a small home, while expressing a subtle Dutch flair. To complement the shop, Mijlo also features a blog focused on small space design.



The Everyday Watch

Mijlo doesn’t just sell products, we create and market them in unconventional ways. The Everyday Watch is a 10-in-1 timepiece with easy-change straps that retails for the price of one. The project highlights the brand’s inclusive values with its crowdsourced design + funding.


A Better Backpack

In an era defined by disposability, we designed a premium backpack built to last a lifetime. If customers part ways with their backpack, they’re encouraged to send it back for a 10% rebate and our pledge to recycle it.


Mijlo Essentials

Mijlo reached out to a select group of global creatives to curate a collection of essential items – with one caveat – their style had to be as timeless as the bag they packed it in.


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