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Where we are

A digital wellness movement helping young people and addictive Silicon Valley types to curb their use of smartphones and digital devices has manifested in various forms. Boutique phone brands are selling minimalist phones more basic than a Nokia 210 (calls, texts and no internet connectivity) while apps are rewarding users for unplugging and taking on mindful activities instead.

Where we’re going

As computers get smaller and closer to our bodies, ‘always on’ will be the modus operandi. Putting your device away will no longer be possible once technology becomes embedded in the body.

How to think about it

Develop technology to help people manage their digital relationship (ex: Screentime or cultural memes to create awareness (ex: dopamine fasting). On the flipside, consider ways to entice people into ‘no device retreats’ – physical experiences so immersive, engaging or remote that they’re willing to disconnect in order to connect.


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Generate a fake app to replace any addictive app

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