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Tech Takes Responsibility

Where we are

Tech companies have the microscope on them amid blameful privacy concerns and a growing body of research on the adverse effects of hyper-connectivity, like addiction, anxiety and social isolation. Feeling under pressure, tech leaders are stepping up, with Facebook and Instagram hiding post likes and removing features like AR filters associated with cosmetic surgery.

Where we’re going

While big tech is busy dealing with the challenges of cultural backlash, people will look for new underdogs to champion, even if they’re equally controversial. This cultural reaction will unlock opportunities to highlight other big innovations in hardware and software like 5G, blockchain and spatial web.

How to think about it

Could it be a case of The Innovator’s Dilemma for big tech in their next transition (beyond mobile)? Think about industry gaps and weaknesses to exploit and opportunities to build new companies in an era of cultural reckoning.


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