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Tech Satire

Where we are

We get upset when we hear that social media is being abused by way of misinformation campaigns and inciting political discord, so what do we do? Turn back to social media for some satirical relief. Loling over sunglasses that filter out digital screens or an AI study asking for photos of your poop are ways to release the anxiety of tech’s infiltration into our daily lives.

Where we’re going

Tech journalism has been usurped by a more broad cultural conversation, bringing tech out of its echo chamber and utilizing conventions like story, myth, memes and emotional sentiment to drive adoption in consumer markets.

How to think about it

Tech and business were the original winning founding team. Then design made its way into the mix. Is now the time to ensure a strong foundation in marketing? If tech is to be seen as the friend and not the enemy it’ll need to craft an appealing brand story from Day 1.


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