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Space Tourism

Where we are

With the words ‘space tourism’ on the lips of a handful of billionaires, companies are jumping at the chance to brand accessories like outfits and luggage for the first trend-setting space vacationers. Knowing that Blue Origin and other players are testing commercial space flights with ongoing success, Gateway Foundation has unveiled designs for a London Eye style rotating hotel in space.

Where we’re going

Space hotels may become a shimmering reality but don’t expect to see a change-of-mind clause offered in the brochure for a three year round-trip to Mars. The less desirable endurances of space travel will need to be considered before booking this kind of vacation; high radiation exposure and “space adaptation syndrome”, an extracted form of travel sickness as one adjusts to weightlessness.

How to think about it

It’s unlikely you’re going to build a rocketship, but if you want to play in this (outer) space consider space accessories as areas of development, for example: food, hotels, and fashion.


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