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Where we are

Affected images and videos have become so normal that Apple added a skin smoothing feature to the iPhone XS front-facing camera that can’t be disabled. Powered by AI and computer vision, cameras with incredibly powerful built-in effects now do everything from enhance you, to age you 30 years, to turn you into someone else entirely.

Where we’re going

Depending on where you sit, over-production can be interpreted as creatively redefining reality or a cultural erosion of authenticity. So long as hyper-effected multimedia stays popular, the retaliation from the other side of the social spectrum will be raw, unfiltered content.

How to think about it

Today users come for the tool and stay for the network. Consider tools you can put in people’s hands to make them more powerful creators. These could be one-off marketing gimmicks, paid resources or APIs, or if you have a hit, the next Instagram.


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