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Minimizing Food Waste

Where we are

Consumers are eating up surplus food, helped by tech startups that are designing apps to tackle global food waste. Some apps connect savvy shoppers to restaurants, cafes, stores and supermarkets so they can be notified when food items go on sale, while another helps people minimize waste at home by providing recipe plans and reminders to eat up old produce.

Where we’re going

Consumers are making more sustainable choices and apps can further promote this, however technology introduced at all levels of food systems will be the biggest enabler in addressing waste. Inventory automation and data sharing capabilities will allow farmers to speak to distributors and supermarkets in new ways that will dramatically reduce overproduction, wastage and subsequent economic losses.

How to think about it

Evaluate operations from cradle to cradle, either within food supply chains or other industries, seeking inefficiencies that can be resolved with new tech like blockchain, AI and robotics.


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