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Where we are

Following on from the prosumer wave, consumers are now working with lighter versions of developer tools. Companies like Airtable, Retool, Notion and Zapier are enabling people to build basic software applications or use templated applications to assist personal workflow and improve business-wide productivity.

Where we’re going

Some specialist knowledge will be replaced as office workers of the future are better equipped to work in the space of developers, particularly with highly technology literate younger generations joining the workforce.

How to think about it

Seek areas in your industry that can’t be completely automated by RPA, but could benefit from AI, APIs or smart interfaces that increase efficiency.


Voiceflow, Which Allows Anyone To Make Voice Apps Without Coding, Raises $3.5 Million

Collaboration App Notion Labs Hits $800 Million Valuation In New Funding

Airtable, Maker Of A Coding Platform For Non-techies, Raises $100m At A $1.1b Valuation