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Where we are

Scientists are scrupulously researching large-scale interventions to offset the damage we’ve wreaked on our planet through industrialization. Some solutions seem implausible like using sand to impede the collapse of glaciers, but others like carbon capture with plastic trees has been tested and proven to be a thousand times more efficient at sequestering CO2 than real trees. 

Where we’re going

Replacing natural ecosystems with artificial ones pioneered by emerging technology sounds far from utopian, but geoengineering’s scope for rebalancing collapsing ecosystems is far-reaching; the time for trialling is now.

How to think about it

Where possible it is beneficial to err on the side of caution and run simulations or small tests and iterate from there. At the same time consider the effects of geoengineering projects failing and simulate for outcomes such as mass relocation, water shortages, unpredictable weather, etc.


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