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Digital Twins

Where we are

Avatar once referred to manifestations of divinity, but now anyone can create a digital self or a digital fake of someone else. The line between real and virtual has blurred as we have more flexibility and depth in our digital characters, with deepfakes now sophisticated enough that they’re passing as real people online.

Where we’re going

We will be both anonymous and accessible through the entire Internet. We will be able to continuously filter, augment and redefine ourselves. Startups are developing deployable AI versions of people, so you could soon be talking to Tim Cook instead of a support bot when you visit Apple.

How to think about it

Help people enhance or express themselves, for instance digital make-up or blockchain clothing. Or evolve the creative kit. Today’s tools enable influencers to be one person media outlets; tomorrow’s will turn them into full-fledged production houses capable of creating movies, etc.


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