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Digital Gardens

Where we are

Green fingers takes on new meaning as virtual gardening games now offer players stress relief akin to actual gardening. Projections of gardens and nature inspired digital art are brightening up internal environments to give people a simulated dose of nature, while hydroponic garden systems and techy tools for horticulturally inclined urbanites are on the rise.

Where we’re going

Advancements in soft robotics will be used to better emulate nature and broaden the visual meditation landscape in our screen-focused culture. Plant care technology such as automatic water and false sunlight will enable anyone to be a trustworthy plant owner.

How to think about it

If you doubt that visual technology alone is going to restore people’s well-being, look to other applications of technology that force people away from their screens to engage with nature, such as intelligent gardening systems for apartment dwellers. Consider tech applications that replicate the restorative aspects of nature and how to seamlessly embed them into people’s living spaces.


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