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Car Interfaces

Where we are

Semi autonomous cars have given drivers their attention spans back and they’re seeking immersive entertainment. Drivers and passengers are interacting more with dashboard screens as smartphones and audio assistants are further embedded into car interfaces. Podcasts marked the beginning of in-car entertainment that’s now evolving to bust boredom and educate during commutes.

Where we’re going

Over 100 million commuters in North America alone are primed for in-car entertainment and education. The Podcast Revolution is well underway, but as cars become more autonomous, in-car experiences will become more immersive from dashboard AR to in-car VR.

How to think about it

Autonomous transport will eventually be designed for specific purposes like sleep or entertainment. For now consider how voice games and head-up displays are opportunities to build a brand around in-car experience and then evolve into emerging car as platform category.


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