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Bug Protein

Where we are

Insects are on the menu around the world. Crickets are now found in U.S. protein bars, brownies, chips and smoothie powders, while one Denver restaurant is pioneering a dish comprising black ants and grasshoppers. Raising and eating insects instead of sentient animals is more humane, requires infinitely less natural resources and emits 75 percent less carbon than poultry farms.

Where we’re going

The bug protein industry is experiencing increased mainstream funding and interest so expect to see this fad become mainstream. Stigma around eating bugs is subsiding as western consumers become aware of the environmental and nutritional benefits.

How to think about it

Society is swiftly challenging long-standing ideas about food and commodities as they relate to human environmental impact. Consider how shifts in consumer sentiment impact your industry and how to reposition resources that have a stigma attached to them or seek new alternatives in unconventional materials.


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